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See why Vibrant Living is the right choice for securing your future

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Your home is your safe space and that doesn’t have to change as you age. Vibrant Living at Home offers you the peace of mind you need to remain in your home. This unique program offers security and reassurance that your future health care needs will be covered and will last you a lifetime.

Personalizing Your Life Care

Vibrant Living at Home provides a cost-effective way for you to receive all the care and services you may need as you age, in the comfort and privacy of your own home. This innovative program combines the best features of long-term care alternatives – home care, long-term care insurance, assisted living and nursing home – and brings them together in one total package of health care services, delivered right in your home.

How We Can Help

Frequently asked questions

Is Vibrant Living similar to long-term care insurance?

The program we offer is similar to the concept of long-term care insurance, but it is a membership program affiliated with our continuing care retirement community. The program offers a broad range of services and support throughout your lifetime, to help you maintain your independence and remain at home. We are a nonprofit organization operating as a Continuing Care Retirement Community “without walls” and therefore are regulated by the State of Florida’s Office of Insurance Regulation.

What is the difference between Vibrant Living and private long-term care insurance policies?

The focus of Vibrant Living is to help individuals remain in their homes as long as possible. One of the key elements of our program is an emphasis on individualized, personal care navigation. Unlike long-term care insurance, there is no waiting period or elimination period before you start receiving benefits. Assistance can also begin with just one compromised activity of daily living, whereas long- term care insurance requires at least two. Our comprehensive plans are excellent options to consider for someone with or without long-term care insurance.

Would this program work for people who already have long-term care insurance?

Our flexible plans include a lower-cost option that can complement long-term care insurance very nicely. Whether you use your membership as a stand-alone alternative to long-term care insurance or as an extra layer of stability on top of an existing policy, you’ll get the same level of personalized care assistance, asset protection and long- term care navigation. We recommend scheduling an appointment where we can review your current long-term care insurance policy and you can review the benefits of vibrant living.

What percentage of the fees is eligible for medical tax deductions as medical expenses?

The membership fee and the monthly fees are considered medical expenses. However, you should consult with your tax advisor to see if these fees meet the criteria based on your individual financial situation.

Am I bound to a contract? Is there a penalty if I want to drop out of the program?

You have the right to terminate your relationship with vibrant living at any time for any reason. The refund of your membership fee will depend upon the amount of time that has passed since you joined.

Creating a life plan today when you are well and healthy enables you to go on enjoying life
without worrying who will provide services that may be needed in the future.